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  Company Headquarters:

The Independent Games Channel is a new company - so new, in fact, that it only has one member. Me.

So, I'm taking applications. We need programmers with experience and intelligence, as well as one or two people who will just play the games, to test them for bugs and what-not. Right now, I'm looking for:

10 Programmers
2 for Games in General
(one of these spots is taken - by
2 for graphics and animation
2 for combat engines/interaction
2 for music
2 for storyboard and plot development

2 Beta Testers
To play each of the games from start
to finish, and make sure they're all
fully functional and bug-free.

If You're Interested

me at

Your E-Mail Should Include:
an application that simply states your past experience,
the number of games you've worked on,
which companies you've worked with (if any),
and why you think you'd be good for the job.

Most Importantly, if you are applying for one of the 10 programming positions, you MUST INCLUDE a .zzt copy of your work in an attached file. If you've never done anything before, but still want the job, tough: do something now, and send it to me when it's finished.

I hope to see many applications. Thank you for your interest!