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  Project I: Monster Hunter  
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MONSTER HUNTER will either be the first or the second game released by The Independent Games Channel.

Monster Hunter tells the story of Douglas Blair, an ex-reporter in late 19th century London. Blair was so successful that he was able to go into early retirement at a young age. His life is perfect.

Until something happened that changed everything. Blair's sister was killed by...what? Blair doesn't know. But as he tries to find out, he goes deeper and deeper into debt, until all his posessions are taken away by the First Bank of London.

Now Douglas has to go back to work. He also has to find out what killed his sister...and dozens of other people in the city of London.

Monster Hunter promises to be the biggest, boldest game ever made for ZZT. Along with the epic storyline, it will feature myriad boards and a sweeping soundtrack.

Release Date: June 01, 2000