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  Project II: 3-D  
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3-D. It's a word that's not supposed to be associated with ZZT gaming. Another such phrase would be first person. You can't do these things on ZZT...can you?

The Independent Games Channel dares to say you can, and we will be the first to do it - a first-person engine for ZZT!

If ever this idea was conceived before, it was immediately dismissed as "impossible" and "nonsense."

That's what they told the guy who said the world was round, too.

But The Independent Game Channel knows that the world is round, and that ZZT is capable of first-person gameplay!

I haven't decided yet whether to release a first-person game, or merely an engine that will show how it can be done.

The benefit of a game is that more people will see it - only programmers will download an engine, but all ZZTers will download a game. The downside to a game is the amount of time it will take. The release date I've listed below is, to be kind, a guess. Not even an educated one.

The benefit of an engine is that all programmers will have the ability to create first-person games, and they won't have to go through the process of going into a game to learn it. The downside is that, well, it's not a game.

First-person ZZT. Bold. Innovative. Original. Just another example of how The Independent Games Channel will change the way you ZZT. Forever.

Release Date: July 02, 2000