The Very Finest

The Independent Games Channel is a small company dedicated to bringing you the very finest in ZZT gaming. ZZT is an old (but unbelieveably fun) program that allows you to create your own games, complete with graphics and music.

Too many ZZT games are thirty-minute productions, boring, pointless, and poorly-conceived. The only saving grace to be found in these games is their lack of longevity. They are portraits of all that is wrong with ZZT gaming.

On the other hand...some ZZT games are better than many standalones that are put out by the big companies today. Admittedly, these titles are rare, but they are jewels. The Independent Games Channel is dedicated to bringing you nothing but these types of games.

The Independent Games Channel is currently working on three projects. All of them are so innovative, so bold in their conception, that they will change the way ZZT software is programmed forever. Check out the links.

Links Within This Site

Project I: Monster Hunter
Project 2: 3-D
Project 3: Secrets
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Outside Links

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